Grog LLC™


Grog LLC is a United States company based in Austin, Texas.


New Website: we are proud to introduce Animated Napkins by Grog. It is a sister website to our Knots website and employs the same succesful animation technique. For lunch, dinner, or a wedding you will find the ideal napkin fold Here.

Knots Website: We are also proud to link to: Animated Knots by Grog. A search for "Knots" on Google or MSN, consistently ranks us number one. The website attracts around 15,000 visitors each day.

Program for Download

We also distribute a program version via Download. It provides larger images, runs faster, and is advertisement-free.


Alan Grogono, David Grogono, Martin Grogono.


You can reach us via our Contact Page.

Software Available Here

Navigation Lights at Night
Grog's Unicode Table
Animated 4x4 Pan magic Square
Animated 5x5 Pan magic Square