Our Company

Grog LLC is a United States website design company based in Austin, Texas.


Our major website Animated Knots by Grog attracts around 20,000 visitors each day. It provides over 180 detailed animations showing how to tie knots for many diverse purposes. A search of the web consistently ranks us number one. Our sister website Animated Napkins by Grog shows how to fold napkins for all occasions.

Programs and Apps

We distribute a Download Version for your computer (US $4.95) as well as Apps for the iPhone and iPad and Android Phones.


The four Partners in Grog LLC are Alan Grogono, David Grogono, Martin Grogono, Kevin Embree

Software Available Here

Navigation Lights at Night showing the Light Patterns of Vessels Moving at Night.
An Extensive Unicode Table converting codes into characters
Interactive Animated 4x4 Pan magic Square
InteractiveAnimated 5x5 Pan magic Square


We may all be contacted via our Contact Page on the Animated Knots Website.